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Property Design


Property is located at 20205 Middle Earth Rd, Citronelle, Alabama 36522 which is north of Mobile and consists of 23 acres of mostly pines and hardwoods, and the homestead site is approximately 6 acres in the northwest corner of the property.


30 foot diameter Pacific yurt; insulated walls, floor and ceiling; ceiling fan; kitchenette with propane stove, cabinets and sink

Heating/cooling is a 2 ton, closed loop geo-thermal (FYI – two, 240 ft deep vertical holes with ¾ inch black polyethelene piping with an interior radiator distribution unit and recirculation pump)

The House

House is a 1.5 story 2,294 sq ft passive solar design.

  • Attached workshop (including Harvest Kitchen) totals 1,820 sq ft
  • Total square footage is 4,114 sq ft under roofs (this is approx)
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