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There are 3 farm ponds at Middle Earth and 3 small decorative goldfish ponds. The ‘House Pond” is the one for which the Corps of Engineers had to give approval as it involved a small part of a wetland. It is a ¾ acre pond stocked with brim and bass. There is an overflow pipe that runs beneath the dam and continues any overflow water on into the wetland area beyond the pond. There is a wildlife island in the middle, based on the Mexican chinampa system.

The clay for the dam was secured from an excellent site on the property near the intern residence, and that area was contoured for a second pond. This pond is ½ acre, also with an overflow pipe running beneath the dam, and is called the “Lower Pond”. It has 2 chinampas in the middle.

The third ¼ acre “Upper Pond” was created as a result of the site being used to move earth to the greenhouse site in order to level it for the 2 greenhouses.



House Pond with island House Pond with dam, Lower Pond
and Intern Residence in background
Lower Pond with 2 islands Upper Pond



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