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North greenhouse is 42 x 22 and houses 3 raised beds each with buried pex tubing plumbed for hot water to run through during the coldest nights.

Hot water for the raised beds is collected in a 500 gal tank drop back system with controller, and heated by 3 4x10 hot water panels

South greenhouse is 36 x 22 and houses the 120 sq ft deep water raft, 600 gal fish tank aquaponic system in continuous circulation, and propagation area

Solar electricity for the greenhouses is provided by a 2.8 kw system with 16 180 watt each ground mount panels. This is a 24 volt system with Outback inverter and 2 60 amp Outback charge controllers; 8 6 volt batteries in series parallel totals 740 amp hours. ( 3 year old – Batteries)

Water for the greenhouses and aquaponic system is provided by rainwater capture consisting of 2 2500 gal cisterns, 1 1600 gal cistern with solar pump for filling the uphill tank that gravity feeds to both greenhouses.


Future home of
our greenhouses
Tire wall to hold fill for
leveling site foundation


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