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Property Design

Sustainable Permaculture Homestead

We are located in Citronelle, Alabama, north of Mobile, at 20205 Middle Earth Rd, 36522. Our property consists of 23 acres of mostly pines and hardwoods, and the homestead site is approximately 6 acres in the northwest corner of the property.

We purchased this home and property in September of 1999. The only structure was the house with the attached workshop that was built by the previous owners in 1979-1980. It is a passive solar design.

One of the foundational principles of Permaculture Design is protracted observation. We ‘sat with’ the land, and ‘listened’ to what it had to say before we made any changes. Gradually the design unfolded. The only cleared, grassy area north of the house became our first garden, and it was (and is) circular. Observation of nature shows that she works in rounds. This became known as The North Garden. The next change was to create a Chartres Labyrinth as a physical manifestation of our desire to anchor our Life and our land in the Spiritual Dimension. It, too, is circular.

As the Design evolved over the years, the Permaculture Zones took shape.

  • Zone 0 includes the house, the workshop and the Harvest Kitchen.
  • Zone 1 includes the fenced in area around the house with attached screened in porch, decks, 2 water gardens with goldfish, chicken house and yard, kitchen garden, herb spiral, North (production) Garden, mushroom cultivation, 6 rainwater cisterns, solar hot water and PV system, propane tanks, cob oven and prayer/meditation hut.
  • Zone 2 includes the barn with studio apartment, propane tanks, 3 cisterns, 2 greenhouses with solar hot water and PV system, 2 outbuildings for tools and greenhouse equipment, ¾ acre stocked pond, North and South Pond (production) Gardens, the yurt with attached bath house, and compost bins (we strive to be waste free).
  • Zone 3 includes the Labyrinth, Forest Garden, 1/2 acre lower pond, and 1/4 acre upper pond.
  • Zone 4 is wooded.

The definition of Permaculture is: a sustainable design system stressing harmonious relationships, interconnections and energy flows between everything in the system (human and human dwellings included). Middle Earth (the name of our homestead) incorporates interconnections and energy flows in every way possible, resulting in harmony with All Our Relations.





Lisa and Craig Kalloch Oyster Mushroom
Lisa and Craig Kalloch Shiitake Mushroom Log
Water Garden and Prayer Hut
Water Garden and Prayer Hut Water Garden


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