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Rainwater Catchment

Middle Earth employs many techniques to put into practice the ethical philosophy of Permaculture: Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Share.

We conserve water in the landscape by: swaling on hillsides so that water will gather in the swale and can matriculate into the ground rather than rushing downhill; creating farm ponds and decorative lily ponds; recycling graywater, and harvesting rainwater from each roof surface. The rainwater is then collected in cistern tanks placed around the homestead. The gardens and greenhouses at Middle Earth benefit greatly by the non-chemical laden rainwater collected through our systems. The roof surface of the yurt and the two greenhouses collect a total of 4100 gallons of water stored in two tanks. A DC solar pump powered by the greenhouse solar PV system pumps this water through a drip irrigation system, and/or uphill to the 2500 gallon storage cistern. This tank gravity feeds into the greenhouses. The roof surfaces of the house collect a total of 11,500 gallons of water. This rainwater is used for irrigation in the gardens, and for watering the animals. With the addition of inline filtration it can be used in the house as well.




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